Why choose Pelle Italia?

What sets us apart from the rest?

We are proud to offer our clients:

some 30 years’ experience – particularly important when talking about leather as it demands a deep knowledge of the production process,

direct contact with the company,
a flexible and adaptable approach that lets us develop new products and colours based on customer specifications – and with the aim of creating something unique,

meticulous quality control throughout the many production phases.


Batch production


Requests for a minimum number enable us to optimise costs so we can offer favourable prices.
We can supply any type of leather required by large-scale distributors and chair manufacturers.

What we mean is…

The minimum quantity for this type of supply is approx. 300 metres.

Our comprehensive range of products includes:
• full grain leather, the highest quality
• semi-aniline leather, remarkably soft
• waxed and/or oiled leathers
• vintage leathers, hand buffed
• specific leather for car restorations


Small lots


We can also produce small lots of automotive leather with the same processes used for O.E.M. leather.
It can be more structured leather, like that used for standard automobiles, or softer and with a natural grain if you prefer to customise your car with a velvety touch.
The minimum required quantity is 3 skins.

What we mean is…

We can produce small, entirely customizable lots of leather.
Using your sample we can reproduce leathers in any colour and thickness, and with any print or degree of softness you require.
With this type of service we can confidently customize a product that meets your exact needs.


Embroidery and perforation


Pelle Italia also provides an embroidery and perforation service on half hides or on pre-cut leather panels.
We have a large number of designs and we are quite prepared to develop others based on your ideas and needs. Send us a drawing and we will be happy to show you that we are able to satisfy your every requirement.

What we mean is…

We have included here images of some of the most popular patterns, but we have so many more options available.
Further designs can be developed on request:
based on the image you send us we will produce a file for you to view for approval.


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